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Below are answers to some of the most Frequently asked questions from people interested in having their pet board with us.
  • What dogs can’t board with you?
As much as we love all pets we regrettably can’t accept the following dogs: Staffs, German Shepherds, Dobermans and Rottweiler’s. Generally these types of dogs are harder to restrain and could cause injury to us or another pet boarding with us at the same time.
  • How many dogs can board with you at any one time?
We have found in our 30 years of experience that 4 dogs is a comfortable amount for us to care for at one time. This ensures all dogs boarding with us feel safe, have enough space and can get all the attention from us that they deserve!  
  • How do you make sure my pet doe's not escape?

·         Your pet’s happiness and safety is our main priority. To prevent dogs from escaping we ensure that all doors in the house are locked at all times. If we do get a knock on the front door we make sure all dogs boarding with us are firstly reassured and then we shut behind the kitchen door which leads to the rest of the house. Our spacious garden has large gates which have been boarded up at the bottom and made secure so no dog can get in or out.

  • Will you be having dogs at the same time as mine, if so, how can you reassure me that my dog won't be injured by other people's animals? 
We are very experienced in introducing dogs from different homes to each other in a safe and friendly manner. We implement safe caring measures as soon as your dog or another person’s dog arrives at our home. We do this in the house and the garden for at least 20 minutes before we let them fully mix with each other. In the rare instance that two dogs should not get on we have a spacious enough house and garden to ensure we can separate them. As we only ever allow 4 dogs to board with us at one time each dog who has to be separated will still receive the same love and attention they deserve!
  • Do you offer a discount for 2 dogs or more to board with you?
Yes this is negotiable, please call us for more information.
  • What hours do you operate?
You can drop your pet to our home from 08.30am till 11.00pm. 

We hope this has answered any questions/concerns that you may have had. Please ring us with any others you can think of on 01268 684434